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Sometimes, we get told not to show or share our own work and ideas with others for fear of them being nicked, but it's inevitably funny that we end up helping and getting involved with someone else's anyway. Collaboration is a curious thing.
There's obviously a reason why you've come to this specific page of the WWW. Whether it be that you're naturally curious, been involved with any of the projects that's on here, or just plain simple nosy, thank you so much - it means a lot, no matter how small the gesture.
Over the short few years already doing media work, there have been some amazing moments where some amazing people have shared amazing insight into their own amazing lives, stories, knowledge and skills.
Archive Central
At some point in the future, you will be able to browse the collection of digital works on here, produced and made by Hoa himself. Below, specific projects will be placed according to their relevant categories, allowing for you to go through some happy (embarassing) moments.
Sharing the love
So, the main reason you are here will be that you were specifically directed to this page. Most likely, you will have been involved in some form with such projects here. Time and sacrifices were made. Belief, rapport and support was given. Your true colours shined and your good nature to help out guided things through the process. And so all your brilliant contributions belong in a special place - here. So, who really are the stars in this world? You all know who you are...
Never underestimate sound. When it comes to radio documentaries and dramas, it drives and guides your imagination far beyond what you expect.
Moving images are powerful. We all know that pictures tell us a lot more than words alone. So how about literally thousands put together that say an even greater message?
What have spiders got to do with anything? In fact, it's obvious that many of us crawl about on the Internet far more than we are encouraged to read books. However, in their own special ways, they can be far more impressive and expressive.
Traditions should be kept and respected. Even though many things are digital nowadays, it's nice to know that physical bits of flattened trees do still play an important and relevant role today.
There's talking and shouting, and then there's typing and tapping. It's not all about making friends, but also things like spreading news and standing out from the crowd too. It's easy, accessible and free. Handy tools - so why not utilise them and make some noise!
Everything else
There are always those that are left out or the odd one out - the misfit. However, they can be the true heroes when you least expect them to be.
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