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You'll be able to read content that may be of interest to you, such as the latest technology news and more. Basically, anything Hoa thinks is good enough to share, you'll know about and find it here.
In this section
Hoa's blog will be more than just his personal stuff. You might find it's filled with some interesting things and also be useful too.
Get the lastest news in the world of technology and gadgets, as well as media. Sometimes, you might find other types of important news posted on here too.
Help and Tips
You may have already gathered that Hoa loves technology and media - a lot. Don't forget helping out too. So look out for things you may find useful yourself!
Personal Stories
The majority of the time, Hoa keeps his personal life private and very quiet. However, there could be times he gives the odd insight into his own little world.
Other 'Bits and Bobs'
Whether it's a funny video, picture or article, you'll probably like it too. So what's wrong with sharing for the whole wide world to see?!
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